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  Public Beta Bugs

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This is a continuation of Private Beta Bugs for the public beta. Instead of scattering bugs found, in multiple posts, please post them under here. This will help polarkernel solve these bugs.  

asked Apr 17, 2014 in Public Official Posts by dimension10 (1,985 points) [ no revision ]
recategorized Jun 5, 2014 by dimension10

6 Answers

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Downvoting originality didn't work properly (I did it once for the first time), it produced a mess of text in the place of the originality vote. Reloading the page showed that the vote was registered, so it is not a critical bug.
answered Aug 10, 2014 by Ron Maimon (7,720 points) [ revision history ]
edited Feb 6, 2015 by dimension10

I noted this yesterday a few times too, in particular when the connection to the site was once again very bad :-/ ...

Thank you for the message. The bug is corrected now. I tried to simplify part of the code, but now it was too simple. The bug had nothing to do with performance.

Ah yes I encountered this yesterday, and thought of reporting it. But I incorrectly associated it with my bad internet connection.

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I do not receive e-mails from private messages and from answers/comments, nor yellow marks on the main page as it used to be some while ago.

answered Feb 5, 2015 by Vladimir Kalitvianski (102 points) [ revision history ]
edited Feb 21, 2015 by dimension10
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This is a problem with the mailing server, it occurs occassionally. Nothing can really be done at the moment (except ask for a new server again). I don't know, if this is possible (@polarkernel?).
And yellow marks? Are they related to the mailing server?

I have now completely revised the notification system in the hope that it will work now. Logged in users with no actual notifications get a link 'History' to their history page in the user's nav bar:

This link changes, once notifications are available, like this:

In the original implementation of NoahY, notifications have initialized after the first visit of the history page. I have changed this now so that notifications are initialized immediately for every registered user.

@dimension10 Could you please check occasionally, if this works now for every browser?

@polarkernel Thanks! Saw the notification : ) There needs to be a space bar between "1" and "Notification", however. Edit: Seems its fixed, thanks.

I will check with other browsers (I can check with Firefox, IE, Opera, Chrome, Konqueror, but not Safari).

Thanks for the work!

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The emailing part is fixed now : )
@VladimirKalitvianski Do you still get no yellow marks? As far as I can see, all related events for your account get created.
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Arnold Neumaier has requested before that if there are many comments beneath an answer, all but 5 of the comments should be hidden until a button is clicked.  

This is possible from the admin panel, but it clashes with the "Comment Voting" plugin.  

If this is done, and one clicks "Show remaining comments", the vote buttons do not appear any longer. This doesn't seem like a very difficult bug, but it may be. So could this bug in the plugin be fixed, so that the feature can be implemented without bugs?    

answered Apr 17, 2014 by dimension10 (1,985 points) [ revision history ]
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Sometimes (randomly I think) when editing an existing comment or answer, all the paragraph breaks are removed. I guess this is a html-parsing tag issue, I don't know.

answered Feb 6, 2015 by Ron Maimon (7,720 points) [ revision history ]
edited Feb 19, 2015 by dimension10
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Hm, yes you're right.
Could someone please direct me to a post, where this problem happens? I will then try to solve it.
@polarkernel At least for me, it's not with any particular post. See e.g. http://physicsoverflow.org/27348 - I first posted three lines of text, then edited it, I saw the line breaks were gone when in the editing window itself. The edit wasn't recorded (the edit was too quick), so I did it again, and the same result.

This bug is fixed now. It came with the new editor on 2015/11/23. This editor included a stupid filter replacing <p></p> by <br/> when no other html-tags have been detected in the post. I have no idea what the purpose of such a filter should be. All these posts since this date until today are displayed correctly, but on reload to the editor, all <br/> get filtered out. I am sorry, but I can't correct the posts already stored.

@polarkernel Thanks! I don't think there would be any affected posts as such, it was mostly just an inconvinience for users to add the line breaks back.

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I haven't encountered this problem in a while. Has anyone?
@dimension10, I had this problem, I haven't written anything for a while, so I don't know if the problem is still there. I should test it.
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As a user I can see 'Admin' & 'Admin Tools' links on the front page. The links shouldn't be present for the regular users.

answered Aug 18, 2015 by kenorb (0 points) [ revision history ]
edited Aug 21, 2015 by polarkernel
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Hidden answers do not appear greyed out. They used to, so I have no idea why this is so, now.  

answered Apr 18, 2014 by dimension10 (1,985 points) [ revision history ]
edited Feb 20, 2015 by dimension10

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