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  Public Block Log

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Blocking on PhysicsOverflow is done with discretion -- a block should not be one you would consider lifting in the future.

The follow reasons are appropriate for blocking users on PhysicsOverflow:

  • Spammers (Block and delete on first sight) 
  • Users who request a block (Block on first sight of request, if request is less than 3 days old) )
  • Users who request deletion (Block and delete on first sight of < 3 days old request only in DISCRETION! We are not obliged to delete all users who request deletion.)    
  • Trolls without any content contribution (Block after two warnings) 
  • Gibberish posters (Block and delete after two warnings) 
  • Off-topic* posters (Block after four warnings)

The first three sorts of blocks should simply be appended to the generic moderation log, while the other three require user-specific moderation records (see example).

*off-topic: Posts off-topic to both the site and to the thread are considered "off-topic" to qualify for this block category. Posts that are only off-topic to the thread, but not to the site, will be moved to chat or deleted if worthless.

Furthermore, please do not block spam IPs. Only users. Most client IP addresses are dynamic, which means you're likely to end up blocking a whole bunch of people in the future by blocking an IP address. If an IP spam attack becomes too difficult to manage, temporarily block the IP and inform polarkernel.

asked Mar 21, 2014 in Public Official Posts by dimension10 (1,985 points) [ revision history ]
edited Jan 13, 2018 by dimension10

3 Answers

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(Generic moderation log)


None so far


  • Kyle Kanos (deleted by: Dilaton) -- documentation: 1 (archive)
  • Slivvz (deleted by dimension10) -- documentation: 1 (archive2 (archive3 (archive)
  • danshawen (deleted by dimension10) -- documentation: 1 (docs deleted per user request)
  • Asaf Karagila (deleted by dimension10) -- documentation: 1 (archive)
  • Andy Putman (deleted by dimension10) -- documentation: 1 (archive)
  • David Roberts (deleted by dimension10) -- documentation: 1 (archive) 
  • Yemen Choi (deleted by dimension10) -- documentation: 1 (archive)
  • Vladimir Kalitvianski (deleted by dimension10) -- documentation: 1 2 (reversed)
  • Kevin Tah (deleted by Dilaton) -- documentation: mail to admin@PO


  • policeman -- description: copy-pasted garbage from wikipedia, threatened to "kick out" users
  • jordansshoescheap -- description: need I explain?
  • futtymage -- description: multiple spam
  • softomaniac -- description: completely off-topic spam
  • head9ant -- description: confirmed his email and posted in Closed Questions
  • phjklf -- description: posted off-topic spam in Swedish (or something)
  • ClayAnderson -- description: off-topic essay writing spam
  • e449247 -- description: twice; post rate of 1 post/minute
  • d499247 -- description: same IP as above,
  • benshen -- description: same IP as above
  • facebooksingh123  
  • facebooksingh1234 
  • arun
  • sasi
  • skokila
  • mukesh
  • weijing3333
  • fedortyutin
  • robertarichet
  • paulstastny
  • dress33 
  • pppb


Do not block IP addresses any more -- if they get too difficult to handle, temporarily block them and tell polarkernel.

  • -- description: manual spammer who confirmed email, bypassed captchas
  • -- description: same guy from new IP
  • -- description: Johnd468
  • -- description: spam using different usernames
  • -- description: policeman
  • -- description: seemingly friendly but off-topic spam
  • -- description: same as above
  • -- description: same as above
  • -- description: same as above
answered Apr 6, 2014 by dimension10 (1,985 points) [ revision history ]
edited Jan 13, 2018 by dimension10
+ 1 like - 0 dislike


  • Warning 1: Comment 38925
  • Warning 2: Comment 38992
  • Warning 3: Comment 38995
  • Warning 4: Comment 38997
  • Block: Comment 39100 -- reason: posting off-topic non-questions after four warnings
answered May 20, 2017 by Arnold Neumaier (15,787 points) [ revision history ]
edited Jan 13, 2018 by dimension10
+ 1 like - 0 dislike


  • Warning 1: Comment 40707
  • Warning 2: Comment 40726
  • Warning 3: Comment 40744
  • Warning 4: Comment 40752
  • Block: Comment 40769 -- reason: posting off-topic content after four warnings
answered Jan 13, 2018 by dimension10 (1,985 points) [ no revision ]

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