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  Bug in the Import SE-Question plugin?

+ 0 like - 1 dislike

I just tried to import this wrongly closed question from Physics SE into the category Q&A/Mathematics


But I obtained this error message. Not sure it this link works, so here is what it says

user: Emilio Pisanty
collsision with PO email: a075a2ea7bcc6c71e6dfd70f2823c6b8
users hash: a075a2ea7bcc6c71e6dfd70f2823c6b8
string(4) "1026" credentials: here
we have accountid: 1370104
accountid of unknown user: 1370104

user: Jerry Schirmer
collsision with PO email: e66178404d2a028e5bd5e068cd1b8815
users hash: e66178404d2a028e5bd5e068cd1b8815
string(4) "1095" credentials: here
we have accountid: 333303
accountid of unknown user: 333303

user: Dilaton
collsision with PO email: dilaton@physicsoverflow.org
users hash: 691df337efb4b783e64a6e024d32516c
string(4) "1434" credentials: here
we have accountid: 528229
accountid of unknown user: 528229

user: Stan Liou
collsision with PO email: 15b638e9ecbd3883cec2755362c57474
users hash: 15b638e9ecbd3883cec2755362c57474
string(4) "1195" credentials: here
we have accountid: 528075
accountid of unknown user: 528075

user: BMS
collsision with PO email: 6f448914e823fe0603f1518cc22f6e9e
users hash: 6f448914e823fe0603f1518cc22f6e9e
string(4) "1614" credentials: here
we have accountid: 1939318
accountid of unknown user: 1939318

user: user31748
collsision with PO email: ca055db7709bc4f5be81d6abf47a5441
users hash: ca055db7709bc4f5be81d6abf47a5441
string(4) "1615" credentials: here
we have accountid: 3495568
accountid of unknown user: 3495568

user: Iota
collsision with PO email: 25ce3ce2b013e8fa49e517055cb73770
users hash: 25ce3ce2b013e8fa49e517055cb73770
string(4) "1616" credentials: here
we have accountid: 2895414
accountid of unknown user: 2895414

asked Mar 27, 2014 in Bug by Dilaton (6,240 points) [ revision history ]
retagged May 23, 2014 by dimension10
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Sorry, the bug was me :-(  I did not switch off my debug output. The import should be correct and not affected by this output. Have switched off now.

@polarkernel Actually I had noticed this before and thought that this was a feature not a bug. I liked it because it told me when existing users were recreated. 

@Dilaton He has already re-enabled it.  Check your e-mail.  

I don't think the question should be hidden, even if you think it is stupid. It is useful for future super-administrators.   

I am interested in the reason for the downvote: is this because the question is stupid, or because of disagreement with my importing the question (without suggestion it on the Request for import votes thread) ?

Oops, sorry for not explaining! I downvoted because I think that we should keep the debug output there.   

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I see that the question is imported after all ...
Do these error messages somehow replace the creation of new users, if the emails to not match with the emails of already existing users?

Huh, why have you hidden this? 

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