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PhysicsOverflow is a next-generation academic platform for physicists and astronomers, including a community peer review system and a postgraduate-level discussion forum analogous to MathOverflow.


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Full name: Roger Cattin
Location: Germany

I am a former professor for Computer Perception and Medical Image Processing. I lectured and researched at a University of Applied Sciences in Switzerland. I retired there seven years ago due to my age (I am actually almost 70 years old). I am not a physicist, however I am interested in physics, but not at all at the level of this site.

Together with Dilaton and dimension10, I am one of the co-founders of PhysicsOverflow. Instead of cultivating my garden, as pensioners usually are expected to do, I decided to invest my knowledge and a large part of my time to create and support PhysicOverflow. Actually I am the (still one and only) system developer of PhysicsOverflow. I have written almost half of the code actually running on this site. I already invested several hundred hours of my free time to make PhysicsOverflow running and growing. I did this for free, because I believe in the value of an independent and free site, moderated by their community.

If you encounter any technical issues on PhysicsOverflow, please send me a private message, if you are a registered user, or contact the admin feedback else.

If you are interested to contribute as developer on our site, I would be very (very very) glad for your help.

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