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  Public beta feature requests

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This is a continuation of Private beta Feature Requests for the public beta. Instead of scattering feature requests in multiple posts, please post them under here. This will help polarkernel realise these feature requests. I will shortly repost the not-yet-implemented feature requests in questions here.

Roadmap of feature requests

asked Apr 17, 2014 in Public Official Posts by dimension10 (1,985 points) [ revision history ]
edited Nov 20, 2014 by dimension10
I've hidden the feature requests that are completed, and also those that have been included in the roadmap, to reduce clutter on this page. I hope this is OK, with those who contributed the requests @JeffDror @RonMaimon @ArnoldNeumaier @Dilaton - if not, just reshow them.

3 Answers

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Can we make the attribution colour a more friendly green or turquoise?

Specifically, like this:

This post imported from StackExchange  Joking at 2014-03-30 15:47 (UCT), posted by SE-user some user This should be at a low priority but I guess it's simple.
answered Apr 17, 2014 by dimension10 (1,985 points) [ revision history ]
reshown Jun 1, 2015 by dimension10
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Only show questions without some set of tags?

Right now, physics overflow is dominated by mathematical physics, string theory, quantum field theory etc. This is very fine with me (and it tracks the early usage pattern of arXiv back in the 90s). However, for someone like me (nanophysics/quantum optics), it would be very good if I could simply hide all the questions that contain tags like "string theory" etc. It would be even better if I could somehow set this in my preferences. And it would be best for the community, if there were a few short-cut links at the top of the recent Q&A page that automatically switch to some particular topics (as identified by the presence/absence of a set of tags). Simply having a broad category like "Theoretical Physics" is unfortunately not enough.

answered Nov 2, 2015 by FlorianMarquardt (20 points) [ no revision ]

Maybe the advanced search (far right link on the top menu bar of each page), where one can search for questions that do have certain tags among other things, could be extended by a new field to search for questions  excluding specific tags @Polarkernel ?

Together with the new personal directories, this might already help finding and remembering questions of interest, even if they are not (yet) that numerous on the front page at present.

Being able to favor or ignore tags from settings of the profile, as it can be done on StackExchange, would be a nice feature to have too. However I am not sure how complicated it would be to implement this for PO. Maybe @Polarkernel can comment on this?

Sorting for presence or absence of tags is quite complicated to realize, as the architecture of the basic framework (Q2A) did not preview this. While the entries in the table of the database, where posts are stored, include the category, tags are stored elsewhere in another table and are only indirectly related to the posts. Therefore my question: Would eventually categories instead of tags already do the job?

Recent activities in one category is already implemented, but only directly accessible for Q&A, Reviews, Open Problems, Meta and Chat. But it already works for every other category. You may experiment with this feature by selecting any category in the category tree (click on "Categories") and replace "questions" in the URL by "activity". For instance


becomes then


Extending this feature for the presence or absence of a selection of categories and implement it as selectable settings in the user preferences would be a lot of work, but would be possible.

Should tags be the only solution for you, then I would have to make some further investigations before I can answer. I already have some experience from the advanced query plugin, but combining it with recent activities seems very complicated to me.

You can find posts from a particular field by pressing the tags button and then clicking on one of the tags there (or searching for it at the link provided there. For example entering


(don't forget the dash - tags may not contain spaces!) at 


brings you to the page 


with at present 17 contributions (only; I hope you'll contribute some more), and entering only optic or optics gives you a choice of 5 tags from which you can select one.

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I request a short way to remove obvious spam ( instead of gross reputation voting ), ie by moving it in some bin


answered Jul 9, 2019 by igael (360 points) [ no revision ]

Hi igael,

unfortunately the spammer(s)  seem(s) to correctly log in and solve the captcha, probably from a darknet browser to obtain different IPs. There is nothing we can to about it but hide the nonsense on sight :-/

To help us doing so, flags would help as this dispatches corresponding emails to all moderators.

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