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  Requests for merging of accounts

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If you ended up for some reason with more than one accound and want them to be merged, please post an answer in this thread (including links to the accounts to be merged and telling us which one you'd like to keep) and an administrator will help you as soon as possible.

asked Mar 7, 2014 in Public Official Posts by Dilaton (6,240 points) [ revision history ]
recategorized Mar 23, 2014 by dimension10

Eventually the user should also tell us, which of the accounts he likes to keep. Only the posts (and naturally also the corresponding points) will be merged, but not the content of the user profile (wall, about, etc.).

70 Answers

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Hi, I am dj_mummy from physics SE:


Please merge these accounts.


answered May 8, 2014 by dj_mummy (155 points) [ revision history ]
edited May 8, 2014 by dimension10

I have merged dj_mommy into dj_mummy. Please inform us if you have any trouble logging in.  

Oh no, I have accidentally merged your native account into your imported account, which prevents you from logging in. Could you please write a blank mail to admin at physicsoverflow dot org so that we can send you your login particulars? I am extremely sorry for this error.  

It's all fixed now. I remember I argued with you on chat once about your attitudes and criticism of physics SE's standards. You guys finally walked the walk and I gladly eat most of my words. :D Cheers and excellent work setting this website up! :D

Thanks ;-). We are happy to see you here again.

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Hi, I'd like to have the following account merged with the account I'm posting with now: I guess you imported it from Stack Exchange.


Samuel Monnier

answered May 12, 2014 by s31415 (40 points) [ revision history ]
edited May 12, 2014 by Dilaton

Hi Samuel, welcome to PhysicsOverflow :-)

I have now merged Samuel Monnier into s31415 and you can now change the password, username, email, etc from your profile page if you like.

BTW if there are SE questions you would like to see here, you can suggest them to be imported here:


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I'd like to merge the account I'm posting on with this one, http://www.physicsoverflow.org/user/Robin+Ekman, keeping the latter.

answered May 12, 2014 by Robin Ekman (215 points) [ revision history ]
edited May 14, 2014 by dimension10

Hi Robin, welcome to PhysicsOverflow :-)

If you want to keep this account after the merger http://www.physicsoverflow.org/user/Robin+Ekman, the login data of the account you have written the answer with  would get lost, and I would have to send you new temporary access data (which is no problem for me to do).

A second in my opinion slightly more straight forward solution is to keep the account you are posting with after the merger, and you can then change the user name and other things from your profile page.

Please tell me which method you prefer, and I will do it for you.

@RobinEkman strangly the link to the Robin Ekman account did not work but I could successfully find it (and the corresponding posts) by the Search User plugin. So it was saver to merge Robin Ekman into RobinEkman. I am not sure if the resulting Robin Ekman account would have been corrupted, had I done the converse ...

So I hope you do not mind this, you can change your username and other things from your user page.

@Dilaton No, the url didn't work because you didn't remove the comma.  

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Please merge my old account


with the new one. Keep the former ('whistles')

answered May 13, 2014 by whistles (20 points) [ revision history ]
edited May 14, 2014 by dimension10

Hi espinete/whistles,

Welcome to PhysicsOverflow!

I have merged "whistles" into "espinete"; you may change your username by clicking "Edit Profile" in the topbar.  


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Can you merge my physics.stackexchange account ( http://physics.stackexchange.com/users/6247/vijay-murthy ) with the account here ( http://www.physicsoverflow.org/user/vijay.murthy )...?


answered Jun 5, 2014 by Vijay Murthy (90 points) [ revision history ]
edited Jun 6, 2014 by dimension10

Welcome to PhysicsOverflow

The second link in this answer does not work, did you mean this account by the second link?

No not that. I fixed the link.

And I would like to retain the same userid as the physics.stackexchange one.

Ok, I see...

As PhysicsOverflow is outside the SE network, we do not have the possibility to link SE accounts with PhysicsOverflow accounts.

But if you would like to see on topic SE posts of yours (questions and/or answers) or of others here, you can request them to be imported here


Sorry I made a mess. I wanted to merge




and retain the first one (which has the same userid as in physics SE)

Ok, I have done the merger, but I had also to reset the account to temporary access data.

I have sent them to the mail that was associated with the second (now no longer existing) account.

Hope it works ...

Thanks Dilaton, it worked.

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Hi ! I'm from Physics.SE with this account : http://physics.stackexchange.com/users/30924/pascail

A question of mine (my first question actually) got moved here (http://www.physicsoverflow.org/18619/derivation-higher-order-correlation-functions-definition?show=18632#a18632) and I got associated with this new username I'm not able to log into : http://www.physicsoverflow.org/user/Pascail

Hence, I registered as Pascail2 (not original at all) http://www.physicsoverflow.org/user/Pascail2

Can you help me to merge with my oldself ? I'd rather only keep the Pascail username if it's ok with you :)

Thanks a lot !

answered Jun 8, 2014 by Pascail (15 points) [ revision history ]
edited Jun 9, 2014 by dimension10

Hi Pascail, Welcome to PhysicsOverflow!

I have merged "Pascail" into "Pascail2" as it would otherwise be still impossible for you to login.

However, you can change your username to "Pascail" here.

Thank you :) 

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I am James S. Cook, at PSE http://physics.stackexchange.com/users/16779/james-s-cook

I would like to register here, I had some trouble with the standard register button as apparently I already exist here. Probably due to:


answered Jun 9, 2014 by James S. Cook [ no revision ]

Hi James, welcome to PhysicsOverflow :-)

I will reset your account and send you back temporary access data. You can then change these from your profile page.

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I am Trimok from SE http://physics.stackexchange.com/users/6316/trimok , and I would like to merge to Tri-mok PO.

One more thing is that I cannot change, in PO, Tri-mok to Trimok, in the Edit Profile. Why ?


answered Jun 11, 2014 by Trimok (955 points) [ no revision ]

Hi Trimok, welcome to PhysicsOverflow :-)!

I have now merged Trimok into Tri-mok such that you can still log in. But you can easily change the username and other things from your profile page.

BTW, if there are on-topic (not only from Physics) SE posts of yours or others you would like to see on PhysicsOverflow too, you could request them to be imported here.

Hi Trimok, Welcome to PhysicsOverflow!

Regarding not being able to change your username, my guess is that this is because the software forces users to not duplicate usernames (which is important for preventing impersonation), in which case you should be able to change your username.

Please try again and inform us if you still encounter any difficulty in changing your username.

In fact it's entirely my fault. I remember now that I created a Trimok user in PO, but I had a problem with the password, so I created an other user Tri-mok in PO (and yes, it explains why I cannot rename Tri-mok in Trimok because the user name is already taken...). So could you delete the user Trimok in PO, please. After, I will rename Tri-mok in Trimok.... Thanks and sorry for the heavy procedure.

@Tri-mok, Ok, I've now deleted the old user Trimok and any activity that could have possibly been associated with it is transferred to your new account Tri-mok.


+ 3 like - 0 dislike

Please merge the following account:


Thank you.

answered Jul 17, 2014 by DarKnightS (125 points) [ no revision ]

Hi L Su welcome to PhysicsOverflow :-)

I have merged L. Su into L Su, such that you have now access to your question. If there are SE posts you would like to see on PhysicsOverflow too, you can request them to be imported here .

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I am from SE (http://physics.stackexchange.com/users/44999/zitao-wang). I can not log in Physicsoverflow with my SE account information. I also have an imported account in Physicsoverflow (http://physicsoverflow.org/user/Zitao+Wang) but I could not log into that account. So I created this new account. Could you help me to merge the three acounts into this one (http://physicsoverflow.org/user/Zitao+Wang )? Thanks!

answered Mar 26, 2015 by Zitao Wang (165 points) [ revision history ]
edited Mar 26, 2015 by Zitao Wang

Hi @ZitaoWang, welcome to PhysicsOverflow!

I have merged the imported account Zitao Wang into your current account ZitaoWang. You can change your user name and other things from the Edit Profile link if you feel like.

Also, if there are SE posts (from you or other people) you would like to see on PhysicsOverflow too, you can request them to be imported here


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