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  Requests for merging of accounts

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If you ended up for some reason with more than one accound and want them to be merged, please post an answer in this thread (including links to the accounts to be merged and telling us which one you'd like to keep) and an administrator will help you as soon as possible.

asked Mar 7, 2014 in Public Official Posts by Dilaton (6,240 points) [ revision history ]
recategorized Mar 23, 2014 by dimension10

Eventually the user should also tell us, which of the accounts he likes to keep. Only the posts (and naturally also the corresponding points) will be merged, but not the content of the user profile (wall, about, etc.).

70 Answers

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Hi! I've got a question about the newly merged account. Is it always connected to the original SE account? I mean once I post any high-level question in SE, will it be transferred to my merged account here automatically? If so, could you please merge http://www.physicsoverflow.org/user/huotuichang to this one that I am using now?


answered Aug 22, 2014 by sfman (270 points) [ revision history ]
edited Sep 13, 2014 by dimension10

There is no automatic import of questions, you need to ask moderators to do this manually by requesting it. The point of merging accounts is to get the answers that have already been imported here associated to you.

Welcome to PhysicsOverflow! I have merged your accounts and also imported your on-topic posts.

As Ron has already said, an automated import is not possible, however, you may always request a post (of yours or others') to be imported here.

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Hi, I would like to merge my newly created account


 with my Physics.SE account:



answered Sep 13, 2014 by soliton (110 points) [ revision history ]
edited Sep 13, 2014 by dimension10

Done - soliton is merged into Zan Pan.

Of course, you can change your name back to Soliton if you like. There are no restrictions about how often you can change the name.

Thank you

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I posted here earlier today, but somehow the post doesn't appear. Apologies if I am creating a duplicate.

In either case, I'd like to merge this account, "jws1", with my imported stack exchange account, "jws", keeping only "jws".




answered Oct 1, 2014 by jws (45 points) [ revision history ]
edited Oct 1, 2014 by Dilaton

Hi jws welcome to PhysicsOverflow!

I have now merged jws into jws1. You can change the name back to jws (or anything else) if you prefer, from your user profile.

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Hi, usually I log into SE using google gmail, the name is luming there. I register this site with my new name hiluming because the name "luming" is taken, because someone have import my answer and question to this site.

My request is remove hiluming, and tell me how I can log in with the user name luming, also the account link to my email address should be kept.

answered Oct 3, 2014 by BaBQ (95 points) [ revision history ]
edited Oct 3, 2014 by BaBQ

Hi hiluming, I have merged luming into hiluming. You can now change your username from the "Edit Profile" button in the top-bar. 

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Hi, I'm from SE and would like to have the following accounts merged: http://www.physicsoverflow.org/user/hans+de+vries (imported from SE) and http://www.physicsoverflow.org/user/hans+de+vries%282%29 (newly created) I would like to use the one imported from SE, thanks in advance. Hans
answered Jan 11, 2015 by Hans de Vries (90 points) [ revision history ]
edited Jan 11, 2015 by Dilaton
Hi Hans, welcome to PhysicsOverflow!

For you to keep access to the account I had to do it the other way round than you suggested. But as the accounts are merged now, you can change your name from Hans de Vries(2) to Hans de Vries (from your profile) any time you like.
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Hi, could you please merge my current account with my imported SE account: http://www.physicsoverflow.org/user/Void

answered Feb 22, 2015 by Void (1,645 points) [ revision history ]
edited Feb 22, 2015 by Dilaton

Hi Void, welcome to PhysicsOverflow !

Your SE account Void has been merged into Void2, and you can easily change it back to Void or anything you like from the Edit Profile link in the top-bar.

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Hi, I come from SE (http://physics.stackexchange.com/users/21487/kai-li), and I have an imported account on Physics Overflow (http://www.physicsoverflow.org/user/K-boy), and I have also registered here as a new user (http://www.physicsoverflow.org/user/Kai+Li).

Could you merge these accounts to a unified name "Kai Li", thank you very much!

answered Feb 25, 2015 by Kai Li (980 points) [ no revision ]

Hi Kai Li. welcome to physicsoverflow! 

As we are not in the SE network, we can not associate your Physics SE account with the PhysicsOverflow account you used to post this answer directly.

But if you have asked or answered for PhysicsOverflow-on-topic questions on SE, you can request them to be imported here


and we can then associate these posts with your PhysicsOverflow account.

In the linked thread, you can generally request SE questions you think would be on-topic to be imported.(I hope it's ok to copy your writing @Dilaton .)

Hi Kai Li, welcome to PhysicsOverflow!

I have merged K-Boy into Kai Li. And as Yiyang said (thanks), please feel free to request on-topic SE posts of yours or others you like to be imported.

@Dilaton @Jia Yiyang Thanks a lot!

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I have two Overflow accounts:



The second was imported from the Stack Exchange. Can you merge them, and keep http://www.physicsoverflow.org/user/Sethy+Venatem, please?


answered Apr 11, 2015 by Steven Mathey (350 points) [ revision history ]
edited Apr 11, 2015 by dimension10


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Marion Eduardo Hoff here: http://physics.stackexchange.com/users/61966/marion

Merge please?

answered Apr 25, 2015 by Marion Edualdo (250 points) [ no revision ]

Ok, I am correct that this is your imported account?


Unfortunately we can not merge to SE accounts as PO is not in the SE network, but I can merge your two PO accounts, and you can the request the rest of your posts to be imported here


if you like them to have on PO too.

@Dilaton, Yes, this is the one. 

Ok, I have merged Marion into MarionEd.

You can change, the user name, and anything else from the Edit Profile link at the top of the page as needed.

+ 2 like - 0 dislike
answered Jun 11, 2015 by jjcale (70 points) [ no revision ]

Hi jjcale2, welcome to PhysicsOverflow!

I have merged jjcale into jjcale2. You can easily change your user name, login data, etc from the Edit Profile link at the top of the page as needed.

If there are for PO on-topic questions you would like to see on PO too, you can request them to be imported here.

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