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  My reputation in high seas

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My sorry reputation goes up and down for unknown reason, from -164 to - 344. I do not care, but it makes me wonder what is going on. Imperfections of beta or somebody sends me "messages"?

asked Oct 2, 2014 in Bug by Vladimir Kalitvianski (102 points) [ no revision ]
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It seems to be at -164 now.  Are you sure it went to - 340? Have you checked for upvotes on your posts? 

I observed similar fluctuations in my reputation (beginning around two weeks ago). More precisely, my reputation sometimes appeared greater than it should be, something like 200 or 300 points above, without any votes. In general, it returned to the normal after I did some action such as posting an answer. It seems to me that the error fluctuation was constant (again, around 200 or 300 points, I don't remember precisely) because the wrong reputation correctly progressed as the true one along upvotes. At the time being, my reputation is back to its correct value.

ditto for me, I noticed just now, +220 or so, then back to normal.

My rep fluctuated by about 1000! It is now about 1000 too high, but went back to normal and to high several times in the past two weeks. 

We all in one boat ;-)

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Thank you, Dilaton.

Yes, I am sure. In the night it became -344, in the morning -164, today it became again -344 and then it became -164. I made a screen shot with -344 at home. No votes were added/removed during this period.

2 Answers

+ 5 like - 0 dislike

The point counting system has been completely revised now. I am quite sure that the point count is correct now and should no more have any unwanted fluctuations. Additionally, the details of the reputation count are displayed on every user's profile page. Please verify your reputation count and tell me, if you observe any irregularities.

Note that points may only be gained from posts in the categories 'Q&A', 'Reviews', 'Open problems' and their subcategories.

answered Oct 9, 2014 by polarkernel (0 points) [ no revision ]

And now there is score details, cool, thank you!

Thank you! The new score details is pretty neat, some minor comments:

  • Due to the lack of space in the tiny column, the labels should be a bit more concise. For instance, "Votes/Score" should just be "Score"
  • Similarly, there is no need for the *) and *) as author
  • In the last row (which currently contains the "*) as author" and the total reputation), the word "total" should not be there, as it doesn't seem to make logical sense.
  • If not too complicated, could the score details be placed on another page, like /user/<username>?tab=reputation which can be linked to from the sub-nav-bar? Because it seems to be too tightly packed at the moment.

But anyway, this is very good! Thanks!

@dimension10 The first three points are changed. I'll see, if it is possible to realize also the last request using the sub-nav-bar.

@dimension10 The details of the user reputation are now on a separate page, accessible by the sub-nav-bar,


+ 4 like - 0 dislike

This is really a bug. It is related to the special points given to submission authors and to authors of a review. Computing points is unfortunately distributed over the whole system and is executed always upon an action resulting in points (for PO only for voting, but the system computes also points for posting). I assume, I have introduced this bug with the changes made to give reps to review authors (100 points per vote), which I have made some weeks ago.It should be fixed now, but I am not yet really sure if it has gone. Please continue to observe your points.

I am very sorry about this inconvenience. I will introduce a more meaningful point accounting index on the user profile page, so that you all are able to understand and check in detail, where your points come from. The original Q2A activity index is not so clear in my opinion. Please give me some time.

answered Oct 3, 2014 by polarkernel (0 points) [ no revision ]

No problem, take your time.

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