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  Owning our community

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There was a recent SE blog post entitled "Own Your Community" which stuck in my mind, and on reading Moshe's Answering in comments and seeing the stats on Area 51, I decided to ask this question.

Is it time for a drive to tidy questions? It seems that many SEs accomplish similar spring cleaning tasks in a manner like this. As it seems that many unanswered questions are answered in comments, the benefits of this are obvious.

In parallel, would it also be worth having a drive for new questions? Even if artificial, could it be worth asking some constructed questions, perhaps in other subfields to try to raise some interest? Critically, do we have the necessary momentum to do something like this? If we do this, would it be possible to add reputation bonuses?

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asked Dec 20, 2011 in SE.TP.discussion by Mark S. Everitt (180 points) [ no revision ]
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I am happy with any ideas to increase the momentum of this site, which is sort of fading. In my view, the thing we are missing the most is questions, good and interesting questions to liven up the site. We have plenty of people to give good and interesting answers, but they are underemployed at the moment.

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I recently thought about if I could ASK the one or other thing here as it comes into my mind while trying to learn stuff. I do not mean questions about some textbook technicalities of course (they go to physics.se). I rather think about some slightly broader continuative (but nevertheless well defined) questions about topics that interest me (and fit in nicely here) and which are probably still under active research and not fully answered yet?

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@Silent_Lurker If it fits the [faq](http://theoreticalphysics.stackexchange.com/faq) then it fits here!

This post has been migrated from (A51.SE)
Ah I see, so I better keep silent (and stick to physics.se) then because I`m NOT a researcher in these topics but rather keenly interested and curious to learn more just for the heck and fun of it. Just reading, I like Squark s questions and answers he gets best at present; they are often at a level such that even I can take out something for myself :-)

This post has been migrated from (A51.SE)
@Silent_Lurker It *is* inclusive though. If you are unsure, head on over to chat and see if the people there think it's a good fit. Even if it isn't, the chances are that a discussion could turn it into something appropriate. We need to use chat more anyway!

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@Silent_Lurker, the issue of mediation of supersymmetry breaking from a hidden sector is a big part of BSM physics, and a question asking for the status of that endeavour would be a good one.

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I realize I'm a bit late to the discussion here, but Mark, I think you're right in saying that the number of questions asked at Physics which would be appropriate on this site is very low. Looking at our most recent 50 or so questions I don't see any of them that would be suitable on TP.SE. Whenever we get one at Physics, if nobody provides a good answer I'll continue to suggest that they try their luck on this site but I wouldn't expect that to make any significant change in the traffic levels here.

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