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  Unnecessary Meta.TP.SE questions

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There are a number of questions from The Meta of Theoretical Physics Stack Exchange which are really unnecessary or off-topic here. List them here, and I think they could be closed or deleted altogether.     

Bump: Besides myself and Dilaton, absolutely nobody else has been active on this thread. Please, it is important to remove totally off-topic posts! We're not an archive of TP.SE, and only part of PhysicsOverflow is even a "rebirth" of TP.SE (which was for research-level Theoretical Physics Q&A whereas PhysicsOverflow is for graduate-level Physics Q&A plus reviews), and stuff that pertains to the SE network only is completely off-topic here.  

Closed by author request
asked Mar 4, 2014 in Closed Questions by dimension10 (1,985 points) [ revision history ]
recategorized Feb 20, 2015 by dimension10

Hm yes, is it not sufficient to do this with our request for close votes and request for delete votes threads ? Maybe if there are too many of them it needs a special thread (?) ...

@Dilaton There are three reasons why I started this thread: 

  1. This will be something we should do before the site goes public. This is because many of the posts are confusing (e.g. can we have mathjax on this site, etc.). 
  2. I'm not sure whether they should be closed, or deleted. 
  3. There are too many of them.      

Note that some questions could still be helpful for us, or relevant, e.g. ./index.php?qa=3695&qa_1=rejuvenating-the-site, or the posts about the closure of TP.SE.      

Yes, partiucularly off topic are the ones very specifically dealing with SE features. Other discussions may be useful, and maybe we should also not delete the sad last few ...

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