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  supersymmetry calculations in n dimensions using Cadabra 2

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I want to do some supersymmetry calculations on some curved manifold. Since these calculations becomes tedious and chances of making mistakes also becomes very high, I needed to use a computer program which specializes in simplifying expression which uses fierz identities and other relations which have spinor variables in them.

 I have found that a Symbolic Computer Algebra Program - Cadabra is available online, is used to do calculations which have spinor field as variables. I would want to know, whether this software can be used for doing calculations in any arbitrary n number of dimensions or for only a specific number of dimensions. I want to know this before i could start to learn about this program. Please provide this information if someone is familiar with the program Cadabra, It would be very helpful. Thanks 

asked Mar 10, 2017 in Theoretical Physics by 2781 (10 points) [ no revision ]

1 Answer

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Yes,  with Cadabra it is possible to perform abstract computations with tensors without to specify the number of dimensions of the space-time or without to specify an specific metric.  With Cadabra it is possible to make abstract computations in General Relativity and Field Theory.  Cadabra is able to make computations with spinors and Dirac matrices.  Cadabra is not specifically oriented to Supersymmetry and Supergravity, but Cadabra can help a lot with computations in SUSY.

answered Mar 10, 2017 by juancho (1,105 points) [ no revision ]

@juancho Thanks.

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