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  Information Relativity Theory Solves the Twin Paradox Symmetrically

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Referee this paper: http://vixra.org/pdf/1404.0083v4.pdf by Ramzi Suleiman

Please use comments to point to previous work in this direction, and reviews to referee the accuracy of the paper. Feel free to edit this submission to summarise the paper (just click on edit, your summary will then appear under the horizontal line)

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Closed as per community consensus as the post is a bunch of philosophical musings
submission not yet summarized

paper authored Apr 11, 2014 to Closed Questions by Ramzi F. Suleiman
  • [ no revision ]
    retagged Jun 23, 2015 by dimension10

    General Relativity is known to work insided its domain of validity. Alternative theories belong rather to the realm of philosophical musings than physics. Voting to close.

    No discussion of the Hafele-Keating experiment, which measured results in line with predictions from normal special and general relativity. Why would anyone pay attention to a result which contradicts an experimentally proven fact?

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