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  A New Straightforward and Perceivable Equation of Everything: Physics and Mathematics of Mother Nature

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Referee this paper: ACADEMIA-13285958 by Yohanes Nuwara

Please use comments to point to previous work in this direction, and reviews to referee the accuracy of the paper. Feel free to edit this submission to summarise the paper (just click on edit, your summary will then appear under the horizontal line)

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paper authored Jun 24, 2015 to Closed Questions by Yohanes Nuwara
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    reshown Jun 28, 2015 by dimension10

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                                                                    An Introduction to My Paper

    Mother Nature is Our Great Tutor: from Fibonacci’s Number to Indonesian Traditional Farmers

                Nowadays, numbers of phycisists have tried to formulate the Theory of Everything which is hoped to explain everything in the whole universe by making high-level physics and mathematics in use to do so. Never have almost all people in this planet acknowledged what all of these perplexing mathematics do mean, we have spent most of the times struggling to successfully solve those puzzling mathematics without considering that there is still another simple, rational, logical, and perceivable different approach to do this; learning from the nature! Going back to past times through great stories in the history, we will never forget Fibonacci's invention on the following integer sequence: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13,... At this time being this Fibonacci's number is higly appreciated and vastly applied in numbers of disciplines. Furthermore, it can even mathematically explain the beauty of a shell spiral structure, the curve of waves, the flowering Yellow Chamomile, any other numerous examples and at the same time, nature obeys Fibonacci's sequence! In addition, it is necessary to know how Fibonacci found this phenomenologically great number? One may assume that Fibonacci seemingly compiled a bundle of mathematics theorems, derived mathematically them, and came across that great number. However, it did not went like that. Fibonacci found the number after observing breeding rabbits. Therefore, like the success of Fibonacci's number in describing numerous natural structures on earth which simply began just with Fibonacci's observation on the nature, the Theory of Everything which is expected to help people comprehend the whole cosmos is supposed to be put forward by learning from Mother Nature.

        Another example of my approach to comprehend the universe by simply learning Mother Nature is the daily works of traditional farmers. Nearly do almost all people around the world have already know their great works to feed 7 millions of dwellers on earth. Indonesia is a country well-known for its agricultural lands. Most of the people there earn their living by working hard in their farms or crop lands. Different from the modern farmers who make sophisticated biotechnology principles on artificial vegetation and contemporary technological instruments, the traditional Indonesian farmers make the Mother Nature in use as their technology. They can determine what crop plants are suitable to the present climate and forecast the following day’s weather accurate enough without having to mathematically calculate and concern about the butterfly effect, the oscillations of aridity, the air pressure, the rate of evaporation on the area where they work. They do not use the laws of physics to foreordain their farming schedule. The traditional farmers employ their senses to perceive the natural symptoms. For instance, at any certain time, if the Indonesian traditional farmers catch sight of cirrus cloud, they will eventually acknowledge that the wind flows northeasterly and therefore causes rain. Furthermore, if they glimpse a reddish sun rising, they will forecast that there might be a rainy day. Surprisingly, meteorologists and climatologists have confirmed that the farmer’s natural calculation fit into mathematical and physical calculations. The Indonesian traditional farmers are able to comprehend ‘everything’ about the weather without having to calculate mathematically. Therefore, all we have to do in order to comprehend the whole universe is sharpening our five senses to learn from Mother Nature.

                This paper is the achievement of my strong struggling to formulate the most logical and simple equation of everything which is suitable for all people in this planet most of whom surely have not entered the world of perplexing particle physics and high-level mathematics. We can make use of our rational and logical mind to comprehend it just by reasoning Mother Nature without having to be engaged in those puzzling formulas. Therefore, making our rational mind in use to comprehend everything in the whole cosmos just in a simple compact equation derived from Mother Nature is actually the definition and goal of Theory of Everything.

    Taking the concepts of the entropic emergence, D’Alembert’s equilibrium of motions, Hamiltonian principle of mechanics, and the laws of thermodynamics altogether into account on the formulation which drives all mechanisms in the whole cosmos, we will come across that the equation is not as perplexing as those in the courses of theoretical particle physics formulation of everything. In addition, by extending this equation, we acquire two versions of this equation accommodating macroscopic and microscopic scale. Certainly, because all phenomena in the cosmos occur on account of both scales, the equation of everything is supposed to accommodate those scales. The macroscopic scale gives us the observable depiction and the microscopic tells us the atomic mechanism driving the phenomena without having to observe it since it is imperceptible to our five senses.  At last, applying Lagrangian form of Gauge Theory which is believed to be one of the most credible mathematics to formulate the unification, we will find out a shocking result that all of high-level modern physics and mathematical components of Standard Model formulations of the three fundamental forces and particles’ interactions along with the construction of postulated Quantum Gravity may fit perfectly in the microscopic version of this new equation. 

     My Discovery

                Compacting the whole notions derived from the Mother Nature comprising of the concepts proposed by numbers of big thinkers, such as D’Alembert’s principle of mechanics, Verlinde’s concept of entropic emergent forces, and Prigogine’s model of dissipative thermal system, I find out a concise ‘notion of everything’, which is as follows:

    The whole universe is the product of all increasing-entropy-propertied emergent information containing of emergent forces and matters. Additionally, the entire phenomena of the universe emerge and exist if only all the forces on it balance. All of these sets of information simultaneously and readily interact in a system of dissipative structure, which is, the universe.

    This notion really is a novel straightforward comprehension of the universe. Hence, I find this notion a groundbreaking alternative perception to understand the whole cosmos through rational and perceivable rationalization.

          Moving to the next step where this ‘notion of everything’ leads to a formulation which is supposed to be able to describe everything in the cosmos, the new tangible formulation of the equation is raised; the total entropy change of interactions in the universe is the sum of the entropy change of internal interactions including the weak nuclear and strong nuclear force, and that of external interactions comprising of gravitational and electromagnetism. As a consequence of D’Alembert principle, I eventually acquire a final ‘equation of everything’ remarking that the sum of force of weak nuclear and strong nuclear force equals to that of gravitational and electromagnetism, assuming that the universe is emergent or entropic. The equation of everything is simply as follows:

    Weak Force + Strong Force = Gravitational + Electromagnetism

     The foregoing formulation leads to the extension of the equation based on the consideration that the universe is almost wholly composed of plasma matter, which is the observable macroscopic scale, and the need to fit the quantum microscopic scale into this new equation. Related to the quantum view, we find out that even quantum principles may be able to blend in the equation by gauging the four force fields in Lagrangian form and quantum field entanglement.

    Eventually, the final appearance of the extended version of the preceding equation of everything in quantum microscopic scale is as follows:

    where S and F is the lagrangian action and generalized force of the forces.

                To wrap it all up, We have discovered a different approach to formulate an equation of everything by straightforwardly learning from Mother Nature. Furthermore, different from the one derived by using high-level mathematics and modern physics, this paper intentionally remarks a need to construct the equation of everything which is capable of being easily perceived with frank logics and rational notions. Eventually, a new straightforward and simple equation of everything which is greatly expected to fill the missing links in constructing the ultimate Theory of Everything has come out from this paper and to be used as a clue to ToE. Hence, I pungently hope that this simple equation can open the blind path toward the ultimate final Theory of Everything, a magnificent theory describing the greatness of God in creating the entire universe.

    reviewed Jun 27, 2015 by Yohanes Nuwara (-509 points) [ no revision ]

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