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  how to calculate dT of the air between the inlet and outlet of the compressor using specific internal energy in a process

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Air is compressed under steady flow conditions, see Figure Q3. The power input to the compressor is 3 kW. During the process the specific heat loss from the compressor is measured to be 20 kJ/kg. The mass flow rate of the air is 0.04 kg/s. The velocity of the air entering the compressor is 3 m/s, and the velocity of the air exiting the compressor is 10 m/s. The compressor outlet is 10 m below the compressor inlet. The specific enthalpy at the compressor inlet is 280.13 kJ/kg

I have calculated the specific enthalpy at the compressor outlet got is 335 kJ/kg .

Now, if the specific internal energy increases by 39.32 kJ/kg during this process how to calculate the change in temperature of the air between the inlet and outlet of the compressor.
Closed as per community consensus as the post is not graduate-level +, is unclear and meaningless, and proably an exact homework problem
asked Feb 15, 2015 in Closed Questions by anonymous [ no revision ]
recategorized Feb 16, 2015 by dimension10

Not graduate level, vote to close.

Not only is this not graduate-level, this looks like an exact copy-paste of someone's high school homework problem. It's also very unclear, because some figures etc. mentioned are not present.

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