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  Importing Arxiv papers

+ 3 like - 0 dislike

For the paper review section, I'd like to have an interface where one specifies a link to a paper (e.g., to arXiv) and fills out a form with relevant information (authors, abstract, review - if one is submitted, comment - why the paper is considered interesting for review), upon which the review page is created automatically if the link indeed refers to a paper from a recognized source. 

This should replace the current manual system via http://www.physicsoverflow.org/18021/submission-creation-requests .

It is - at least for an interim time - better than mass importing all of arxiv, where most of the papers will be unrefereed for a long time.

With the above interface, contributors can choose to review papers they are studying anyway. (This is the only way I would contribute there, as I usually don't have the time to review papers that I am not using.)

asked Aug 6, 2014 in Feature Request by Arnold Neumaier (15,787 points) [ revision history ]

1 Answer

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We already have such a plugin to create a submission for a paper, but it is only accessible for Superadmins at present. In the form you can specify

  • The title of the paper
  • The ArXiv tags
  • The URL to the paper
  • The tag for the URL
  • The date of submission

After typing in these things, the submission is created automatically and can be edited further to include a summery or in principle also comments about why the paper is interesting to be reviewed.

The intention is to make the Plugin accessible to a "broader audience" when the site has majored, such that users can import papers and also review them at the same time.

answered Aug 6, 2014 by Dilaton (6,240 points) [ no revision ]

Not sure, if we should already start a discussion about making the plugin accessible to more people (moderators, XXXX rep users) now ...?

Not only this, but perhaps we should make stackexchange import accessible to all high rep users, this will ease the administrative burden. Then the administrators can deal only with unimporting or closing wrongly imported questions.

The reason for not making the plugin accessible to all is mostly that it doesn't really validate the input (I mean check with the correct value) as far as I know , so a small mistake in entering the date or something would be permanent.

@RonMaimon I don't think it will really be used by non-mods, actually...

It would probable be used by @ArnoldNeumaier ...

Yes, I'd use it.

Perhaps you should be admin, if only for this purpose. It is not an obligation.

The plugin mentioned by @Dilaton has been written upon the development of the review section, just as a development tool to be able to create submissions. Its usage  is restricted actually to superadmins, but the access level could be lowered to any of the other Q2A levels (administrator, moderator, ...). To ask for a minimum rep would be very easy to implement additionally, if required.

The weakest point of this plugin is that its inputs are not checked at all. One could create a submission to whatever link desired. To use it in its actual state requires responsible and trusted users. Additionally, and this is bad, it is not possible to edit the submission details after a submission has been created.

The increasing number of submissions demands at least to enhance this plugin. To get a fast solution to open it to a broader community of high rep users, at least an editor enabling corrections of erroneous inputs should be developed.

Similar to what is already realized for the import of SE-questions, a new plugin could be developed, which would accept for example a link to the paper on ArXiV, and would then get all the rest of information automatically from the ArXiV site. This would already be near to the request of @ArnoldNeumaier. However, this solution would take quite some more development time and would not be open to other submission sources.

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