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  Why Gravity and Buoyancy Harnessing is missed out till now!!?

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Title: Gravity and Buoyancy Harnessing

Consider object O, a hollow sphere of mass M and of hollow volume V (calculated according to Archimedes Principle). By the virtue of gravity O falls from the height in the water body. Open the door A and place it at the entrance of door B. Close the door A and open the door B. The object will again be at the initial state of energy.

Using this many other mechanisms can be designed.

This is the method of harnessing Gravity and Buoyancy by which we can harness the mechanical energy without limits. Potential energy of the object at a height can be harnessed and using buoyancy the same object can be raised back to the initial height and the cycle repeats. 

Conclusion: Gravity and Buoyancy can be harnesses and the harnessed mechanical energy can be used to generate electricity or many other useful works without any limit.

Discussion: Please forgive me I don’t know to write a scientific paper exactly. Just because this is not written in exact format don’t deny it for publishing or please don’t ask to resubmit according to format. If someone reading this doesn’t understand then show it to some Prof in Physics.

Closed as per community consensus as the post is unclear and low-level
asked Aug 30, 2016 in Closed Questions by Raj (-15 points) [ no revision ]
recategorized Aug 31, 2016 by dimension10

To me it is seems not clear what the question in this post is (if any) and it seems not to be graduate-level+ physics.

Voting to close 

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