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  Moderator Elections (2016) - nomination and discussion

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PhysicsOverflow is holding its third moderator election (2016).

The nomination phase is between 2016-04-04 and 2016-04-10. During this phase, any user may nominate any other user for the moderator position. The precise moderator permissions are detailed in the FAQ. Mind that for the candidate to pass to the voting phase (beginning 2016-04-11 and ending 2016-04-17), they must have at least 500 reputation points (no other requirement).

Please note that:

  • Votes here are inconsequential. This is the nomination phase, the voting phase will begin 2016-04-11.
  • Even upon the closure of this thread and the commencement of the voting phase, discussion about candidates is to be done here.
  • Any discussion about candidates on the site will be moved here.

Please remember that the nomination phase begins on 2016-04-04 1630 (GMT). Nominations before this time will be temporarily hidden until the commencement of the nomination phase. Until then, please comment on the text of this post, to improve it if necessary.

Closed by author request
asked Apr 4, 2016 in Public Official Posts by dimension10.admin (0 points) [ no revision ]
closed Apr 11, 2016 by author request

For the record, the current crop of moderators are: Dilaton, Arnold Neumaier, Urs Schreiber, 40227, and Eduardo Guerras. I (dimension10) resigned in December for at least a year on account of rotating moderatorship, but retain certain privileges with my .admin account (which I'm currently using to comment).

To clarify some potential questions, all moderators listed in Dimension10's comment above will remain moderators for now. But as Urs, 40227, and Eduardo (his last comment was on
Jan. 27, 2015) are just formal moderators, we need to elect one more moderator who will moderate at least half actively (as Arnold does).

2 Answers

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I nominate dimension10.

He was a good moderator, and he should again be one.

That he resigned in December does not conflict with being elected again. Last year, dilaton was re-elected 3 weeks after his resignment.

answered Apr 5, 2016 by Arnold Neumaier (15,787 points) [ revision history ]
+ 2 like - 0 dislike


He is a nice member and contributor of PhysicsOverflow and would probably be a good moderator too.

answered Apr 5, 2016 by Dilaton (6,240 points) [ no revision ]

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