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Website: https://vzn1.wordpress.com/

focused on "emergent QM" and subquantum, specifically fluid dynamics paradigm, last overview here. https://vzn1.wordpress.com/2018/05/25/fluid-paradigm-shift-2018/

believe/ have written about how we are on the cusp of what might also be called "QMv2," an epochal shift in understanding/ formulation of the nature of reality. its a unification instead of compartmentalization. it requires new thinking and yes, imagination. as einstein famously said, imagination is more important than knowledge.

theres a Big Picture that is developing and now increasingly clear, but not widely held/ grasped/ communicated yet, and many small details to be ironed out. it will rival and exceed in scope the original 20th century quantum revolution + discovery of the photon.

like "last time around" many will play a role, eg theoreticians and experimenters working hand-in-hand, and a few "stars" will stand out. its a decades long research program, or multi-century including last one. it will require substantial dedication, ambition, patience, brilliance, openmindedness, diversity, collaboration, teamwork. it will be some of the best/ most cutting edge science ever constructed. early indications/ elements are already in place/ in line with all this.

always very interested to discuss details in detail with anyone who has interest, esp collaboration possibilities/ opportunities. open science, cyberspace, social media will have a large role to play in this shift. some of the advances will come from unexpected places.


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