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PhD student in Theoretical Physics.

My research is on the topics of moduli spaces of supersymmetric gauge theories and their relation to moduli problems in algebraic geometry as well as string theory. I am always very happy to discuss anything that has to do with quantum field theory, string theory, supergravity, superymmetry, algebraic geometry, algebra etc.

I also am a part-time student in Pure Mathematics with interest in algebraic topology and algebraic geometry.

Currently I am interested in invariants of moduli spaces, e.g. Donaldson, Seiberg-Witten, Gromov-Witten, Gopakumar-Vafa and BPS invariants.



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Hi conformal_gk,

this is not good, however I am not impacted by such issues. For me the answer box including the preview works as usual (using Firefox and Windows Explorer).

If the issue still persists, you could write a bug report here


including Information which browswers you are using from what devices (mobile or Desktop).

However, Polarkernel is out of office today and will be able to do something about it not before tomorrow.

Best wishes and thanks for the nice answer here ;-)

Apr 26, 2017 by Dilaton
Hi conformal_gk,

it is now here


It would be great if you could write a review for it :-)!

Do you see the button "submit paper" at the same height as the Logo on the right side? If you click it you can choose to submit a paper from the ArXiv or from another source


For ArXiv papers you just have to type in the URL of the Abstract page, for papers from elsewhere you have to fill in the details by hand...

Best wishes

Feb 16, 2017 by Dilaton
Hi conformal_gk,

I hope that you do not mind that I promoted your nice comment to an answer


If you really prefer it to be a comment, you can just tell me ...
Best wishes
Oct 11, 2016 by Dilaton
Hi conformal_gk,

did you obtain my private message about the results of our investigations?
Apr 22, 2015 by Dilaton
Hi conformal_gk,

ok dont worry, we will look into it.
Apr 13, 2015 by Dilaton
Hi conformal_gk,

good that you have seen that you can recategorize (also retag, edit) questions of other people yourself :-)

I agree that the question deserves to be in theoretical physics, as you have given a very nice direct answer ;-)

Mar 10, 2015 by Dilaton
My deletevote?

But if you think that answer should be deleted too, then you should upvote my deletevote ... ;-)
Jan 7, 2015 by Dilaton
Hi conformal_gk,

I just saw your flag (thanks!) so maybe you are interested in upvoting my delete-vote (and casting an additional delete vote) here too ...?

Jan 7, 2015 by Dilaton
Yes, I like your answer to my question :-)

And I have also alerted Moshe by wallpost (the darn overzealous firewalls and security measures of our system administrators at work prevent the PO private message system from working for me) about your answer here


He has regained his account and I hope he is still interested in the issue and will come here :-)
Jan 5, 2015 by Dilaton
To change the position of the banner, you can just cut and paste it to where you would like it to be. It seems Google sites doesn't have the control buttons for cut-and-paste, but you can always just use the standard keyboard shortcuts (ctrl+x and ctrl+v).

The easiest way to resize the banner is to click on it in edit mode and choose from the default sizes provided - S, M, L, 100%, and Original.

The disadvantage of this method is of course, that you can't resize it to whichever size you'd like (only to any of the sizes chosen by the software).

The only way to do this, as far as I know, is to choose the HTML editor by clicking the <HTML> button, navigating to the code for the banner, and changing "239px" and "220px" to which ever values you want.
Jan 5, 2015 by dimension10

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