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Apr 2, 2021 by

I don't want to cheer too early, but it seems that they are planning to change the policy. Even Kyle Kanos seems to want to change the policy, or at least all this time he has misinterpreted the policy. But I don't think that he'll admit that to me; I can't believe he is 30 years old ;). Either way, let's keep our fingers crossed and hope they will actually listen to the community.
Apr 22, 2014 by Hunter
Hi hunter,

I have seen your new meta post about maths questions on Physics SE meta, +1.

About Kyle Kanos's response, attitude, character etc nothing has to be said, just let my downvote speak ...  ;-)

It is also cristall clear that even though the majority (of in physics interested ...) people thinks the current strict anti maths policies are inappropriate, the moderators and in particular David Z are trying to avoid changing anything.

Everything has been said in the previous meta discussions you mentioned, in purticular David Z's attitude on the same thread where I answered too has been heavily downvoted


and physics and math Prof. V. Moretti stated his very valuable opinion.

Waiting for the next chat session is just tactic, as everybody knows only people like Kyle Kanos and the usual power driven political gang will turn up (I have never seen people like V. Moretti, etc in any chat session).

So my guess is that David Z wants to base his decission exclusively on chat discussions, because only people who agree with him will take part, which will let him change not a thing about that policy even though he should with respect to the corresponding meta discussions.

I wish you good success, if you take part in the chat session !
Apr 21, 2014 by Dilaton

Yeah, I know what you mean when it comes to self-studying. I'm self-studying from "Geometry, Topology and Physics" by Mikio Nakahara (as you may have noticed from my questions ;)) and it can be very difficult sometimes if you can't discuss problems with peers or lectures. That is why I am so appreciative of this site (and also physics SE, because I have learnt a lot from that site as well).

However, the comment I made wasn't meant to insinuate that I think that undergraduate post should be allowed on PhysicsOverflow. To be honest, I haven't really deeply thought about, but I think the separation between PhysicsOverflow and Physics SE is ideal. I'm not fully aware of the historical events at the end of 2012, but it seemed to have scared away some users from Physics SE that are now gladly supporting and participating PhysicsOverflow, and perhaps if you would allow undergraduate questions these people would disappear again. We wouldn't want that to happen!

As for physics SE, I can still learn a lot from good undergraduate questions, or good answers. That is why I still go to physics SE and participate. I just really hope they will allow for maths questions (as we both do). Btw, I had a hunch you were upvoting some of my comments in the meta and that is really useful; so thanks for that!
Apr 17, 2014 by Hunter
Hi Hunter,

as I am from Germany, I have slight difficulties to know what the undergrad / graduate levels exactly correspond to in the the European education system ...
And maybe it also does depend on the university, what students already have to learn in undergraduate courses? It might well be that good undergrad students are able to post some good math/physics questions the PhysicsOverflow community appreciates. There are certainly also people who for example in the course of their research or out of a strong interest are selfstudying stuff (concerning certain topics I am among them), and if they have good on-topic questions they can try to post them here too and see if the community likes them ;-)

I think it is really a pitty, that Physics SE is now largely ruled by power driven (SE) bureaucrats instead of achieved physicists. Such bureaucrats are very stubborn by their nature and some of them are even rude and very scornful, but as they are bureaucrats they can post rude comments, insult others, etc at will without having to face any negative consequences for it...  As Arnold Neumaier hinted at, before the moderator elections at the end of 2012 and the sad/bad events accompagnying them, it was much better. Before some outsiders started to persecute Ron Maimon on Physics SE too, I was happy and satisfied on that site and gave a damn about political issues..

I wish you all the best when trying to improve the site for serious physics student. I have some kind of given up on this, but from time to time I look into chat and meta to see of there is something concerning PhysicsOverflow we have to react too (as EnergyNumber's accusation of being a phishing site), and when I see nice people who try to counteract the bad bureaucratic overmodermoderation, I still silently upvote their comments and posts ...

Apr 17, 2014 by Dilaton
Hi Dilaton,

Thanks for your message. I've read your comments about the political atmosphere on physics SE before, and the longer I spent there, the more I understand them. It feels like I'm caught in a kafkaesque world. This is why I'm so glad with Physics Overflow for myself, so I can ask all the maths questions (and other questions) I want here.

However, it is a pitty for current and future undergraduates that they have no place to ask their maths questions, and so I will keep challenge the policies on physics SE. I do really wonder what motivates them to be so stubborn with their policies
Apr 15, 2014 by Hunter
Hi hunter,

I liked your comments in the new maths questions  physics se meta discussions a lot. You, conversely to other people, have ansolutely nothing to apologize for, and I strongly disagree withDavid Z deleting your comments.

To me it seems the bureaucratically inclined majority of people dominating all meta discussions these days simply does not (want to) understand the complicated interplay bezween maths and physics for example when it comes to advanced theoretical topics. Those people simply want to apply superficial categorizations and detailled bureaucratic rules beyond any reasons to everything.

I tried to argument with such people about different things for more than a year again and again in vain, they refuse to accept any reasonable arguments even if issued by physics and maths professors such as V.Moretti. in the comments of a previous related discussion.
Apr 15, 2014 by Dilaton

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