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Self-study is a standard way to test students' knowledge. At the same time, teachers do not always explain how to complete the task correctly and what is important to pay attention to when doing it. To help you prepare your test perfectly, https://editius.com/ service have studied the standards and guidelines and collected all the useful information in one article.

We study standards: methodology and manuals of universities

It is important to arrange the test according to the standards and rules that are accepted in your university. This will directly affect the final grade for your work.

  • the work consists of an introduction, a main part and a conclusion;
  • the volume of the text is 15-25 printed sheets, the main text is typed in Times New Roman font, 14 point size with 1.5 spacing;
  • for footnotes, use Times New Roman, 12 point size, 1 spacing.

The manuals of humanitarian directions give general recommendations for the design of the text of the test:

  • on the title page, write the university, discipline, topic and personal data;
  • at the beginning of the work, place the content;
  • type the main text in Times New Roman; for headings, you can use the Arial font;
  • align text on both sides of the sheet;
  • use automatic hyphenation;
  • number pages, sign tables and diagrams.

In technical schools, there are separate standards for control, in which you need to create diagrams and drawings.

There are 4 main rules for the execution of drawings in the control work:

  • be guided by the standards of the Unified System for Design Documentation;
  • use drawing paper of a suitable size (from A0 to A4);
  • determine the scale of the image in accordance with methodology ;
  • Booklet the test into an A3 or A4 album.

In order for your work to comply not only with methodology, but also with the standards of the university, ask the teacher for the training manual of the department or for oral advice on the rules for completing the assignment. If the teacher did not help you, do the work in accordance with methodology. In case of claims during the check, you can refer to the document at https://editius.com/thesis-checker/ in accordance with which the check was drawn up.

Understand the details: the rules for the design of each part of the control

Make up competently each of the parts of the control: from the title page to the appendices. Perhaps the teacher will not thoughtfully read the main part of the work, but he will definitely pay attention to the title page, content, introduction and conclusion. 

The title page is the "face" of your test, so it is important to arrange it correctly says experts from https://editius.com/paper-checker/. Check with the teacher the official name of the university, department and its scientific title. Some institutions allow the use of an abbreviated name, while others only allow the full name.

The title page usually indicates:

  • educational institution;
  • faculty;
  • chair;
  • discipline;
  • topic;
  • Full name and title of the teacher;
  • your name and group number;
  • city and year.

If the university does not have individual requirements for the design of the title page, fill it out according to the sample.



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