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Wall for Dilaton

Hi Dilaton. I would like to add on my Google site the banner (like here http://physicsoverflow.org/12537#a12540) but I really suck with computers and I do not know how. Would you be able to tell me? Thanks.
Jan 4, 2015 by conformal_gk
I took a bold step of deleting annoying hidden imported comments (that you imported and hid)--- if you are angry at this, let me know, but I think we should clean up the spammy comments when doing import, because it's annoying to have them sitting there. Maybe I'm out of line, I felt a little guilty, so I am telling you...
Oct 3, 2014 by Ron Maimon
I am potentially a bit more off-line from tommorrow (Friday) morning till Wednesday evening, because of taking part in the Offtopicarium ;-)

Sep 25, 2014 by Dilaton
Who's taking the site down for maintenance?
Aug 28, 2014 by Ron Maimon
I moved the offending discussions to chat, after getting VK's consent. He understood and agreed that they were off topic. But the chat is here: http://physicsoverflow.org/22462/discussion-between-vladimir-kalitvianski-regarding-theorem?show=22473#a22473, I didn't know how to move the comments properly, so they don't have correct attribution.
Aug 19, 2014 by Ron Maimon
How do you move comments to chat?
Aug 18, 2014 by Ron Maimon
Dilaton, please, please, do not, under any circumstances, delete substantive comments on refereeing. You just hid a comment of mine, I can't chase after everything constantly to make sure this doesn't happen again.
Aug 17, 2014 by Ron Maimon
Hi Dilaton,

I apologize for having neglected Ron Maimon was an administrator.
Aug 14, 2014 by drake
But please, please, don't change the moderation policy, leave it as is, and ask people politely to be nicer when they overstep the bounds of civilized discourse, as you did to me.
Aug 14, 2014 by Ron Maimon
Dilaton: I agree about the name calling (this is why I should not be moderator) and I will cut it out. if you see an offense, yell at me, and I will delete it. I have already deleted the most offensive stuff. I was writing this on a personal wall, perhaps I should have sent a private message. Apologies again.
Aug 14, 2014 by Ron Maimon

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