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  Will a spherical laser work for thermonuclear fusion using this technology?

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Will a spherical laser work for thermonuclear fusion using this technology? The formula is the idea of ​​the original pumping of the working medium of the ring oscillator of the quantum electromagnetic radiation and then maintaining the laser power of the electromagnetic energy of nuclear fusion within the working sphere.(Construction of a laser on an optical fiber based on the principle of optical-fiber lasers).

The quantum generator disconnected by two ring segments laser operating body (type of maser with spherical working body). Scientists physicists have long used a laser pulse for fusion. Perhaps it would be better to close the pumping motion of photons in the laser working body ring, with two areas of fusion in the field working gap maser ring body with an effect of total internal reflection within the working body. Display external electromagnetic pumping the quantum generator required for fusion power, enter into a zone of the gap between the segments of the working body of the laser material for nuclear fusion, plasma fusion reaction falling when moving into the sphere performs pumping the maser and maximize the power of the laser radiation for further work.

Constructing the scope of the ring segments laser working media may turn out to implement a process of controlled thermonuclear fusion reaction without the use of high-power magnetic fields and reduce electricity costs to run and maintain thermonuclear fusion.

Also, when using this scheme may turn out to increase the efficiency of all lasers, which emit an electromagnetic beam partially lose energy dissipation from the target to the surroundings.Conditional scheme, a picture on my page. 


Is it possible to create on the basis of a spherical laser, laser weapons (X-ray).

The project of the technology of tuning the compiled laser beam  of the long range of the target of the military target . Step verification of the possibility of use. At the core of the technology, a laser operating in the x-ray range is used, with thermonuclear pumping of a spherical working body of a quantum generator, followed by compilation of beams. Link to an element of this laser weapon. Take it. https://plus.google.com/u/0/115083753202486594903

The outer glass sheath will refract the radiation into the internal PV from any angle of incidence of solar energy. Inside the fiber (tubular section) along the axis there must be an opening along the entire length, for circulation and cooling of the PV layer. The ratio of the transparent outer layer and the diameter of the inner (PV) rod should correspond to the calculated refractive angle inside the fiber of the tubular section, to absorb solar energy over the entire PV area (360 degrees). At the base and top of the fiber there should be mirror-like surfaces parallel to each other for axial reflection of solar energy inside the fiber, caught by refraction and total internal reflection from its walls (for example, how mirrors are installed in the working body of the laser). https://plus.google.com/115083753202486594903/posts/7CNsgkfuxYA

3D photo-electric surface in the form of bee honeycombs. 

Perhaps more effeciency will use for the absorption of solar energy use bulbs in the form of honeycomb, coated on the side of each of these flasks — photoelectric cell layer. Perhaps this deep absorption over its entire length capsules solar sunlight made honeycomb blocks will increase the efficiency of power plants. And probably will need to use less area of solar panel su rface. Is my idea feasible? Or, this technology is already being used? If we have solar panels are made of capsules arranged in a honeycomb, this will increase the absorption of solar energy. The layers of the absorption of the sun radiation in the depth of the surface of the solar cell capsules should be distributed according to the parameters of the emission spectrum (at the entrance to the capsule to position the mirror layer, then the depth of the capsule alternate layers with different chemical properties of absorption of radiation from the sun, it will help maximize the efficiency). Offered me the idea maximize absorption of solar radiation has been working in nature, it is almost identical to the structure of insect eyes. It will be possible to change each capsule separately as failure without having to replace the entire solar panel.

Schematically, such as it can be shown, if you connect to bunch many hexagonal pencils with your desk covered with paint instead of the photoelectric layer. https://plus.google.com/115083753202486594903/posts/WUgAEsqxHX5

Effective cleaning of solar panels should be done without contact of mechanical devices, so as not to scratch and damage the transparent coating of the solar panel. Absolutely all the existing mechanical cleaning methods are harmful to solar batteries. Is it probably better to use ultrasonic cleaning that effectively protects solar panels from rain, snow and interacting with these aggregate water conditions to cleanse of dirt and dust with the help of cavitation erosion?

Solar thermal mirror power stations.

On the loss of energy for a multi-kilometer burning of the atmosphere on the way to the point of a thermal target due to atmospheric dust and moisture, it is best possible to convert a wide spectrum of solar radiation into a monochrome laser beam that behaves more efficiently in the fiber, with the possibility of further transmission over an optical fiber to large Distance without reference to the coordinates of a certain locality. This principle has been working for a long time on ring fiber optic lasers, but it is not used at power plants of this type. https://plus.google.com/115083753202486594903/posts/RymnvVDMb3M

For the construction of houses in conditions of expensive delivery of building materials (expensive logistics), it is probably better to use an electrostatic air cleaning unit and a 3D printer, using electrostatically cleaned atmospheric fine dust to print on a 3D printer of ceramic objects. This will allow to abandon the processing and crushing of ground quartz in the development of NASA other planets and construction of temporary objects on the surface of the planets. Now only 3D polymers and metals are used for printing on a 3D printer. https://plus.google.com/115083753202486594903/posts/9yy9xvMEdXX

Doped with optical fibers of the working body of the laser on the coil in the rings, to concentrate and transform the energy of the surrounding space.

Transformation and use of energy anywhere in the world using the “Full internal reflection” (internal reflection, provided that the angle of incidence exceeds a certain critical angle) in the working body of a fiber-optic quantum generator.

Currently, induction coils are widely used in industry using thin metal wires.

In order to assemble (a large spectrum of electromagnetic radiation) the electromagnetic energy of the surrounding space, it is necessary to make a coil on which a long and thin optical fiber doped with special impurities (the working body of the laser) will be wound. The pumping of a multi-kilometer fine fiber of the working body of a laser on a coil is performed by a wide spectrum of space energy emissions, the energy obtained can be fed to a monochromatic radiation transducer into a visible radiation spectrum (lighting devices). https://plus.google.com/115083753202486594903/posts/g9Aejh4eDEQ 


Closed as per community consensus as the post is not a real question
asked May 24, 2017 in Closed Questions by Maksim [ no revision ]
recategorized Nov 1, 2017 by dimension10

See also the same question on Physics SE https://physics.stackexchange.com/questions/335089/will-a-spherical-laser-work-for-thermonuclear-fusion-using-this-technology

To me it seems this long post has rather the format of a paper (answerable by a review) than a concise answerable question as they are meant to be asked in our Q&A section. I am therefore voting to close it here.

But if you have written down the content in the form of a paper and uploaded it on the arXiv for example, you could request this to be submitted to our Reviews section to obtain feedback from the PO community if it agrees with our standards for open peer-reviewable items.

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